Moanalua Gardens Foundation
Cultural and Environmental Education in Hawaii
1352 Pineapple Place, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819-1754
Phone: (808) 839-5334; Fax (808) 839-3658


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The Board of Directors


  • Alexander "Alika" Jamile


  • Charles M. Cooke, IV


  • Roddy Akau
  • Gerald N.Y.C. Lam
  • Steven Onoue
  • William H. Page
  • Michael Pili Pang
  • Bruce Marnie

Development Council

  • Samuel A. Cooke
  • Judith M. Dawson
  • Quentin K. Kawananakoa
  • Walter J. Laskey
  • Henry Rice
  • Jean E. Rolles
  • Clifford D. Slater
  • Oswald Stender
  • Carol Wilcox


  • Executive Director Alexander Alika Jamile
  • Managing Director Pauline Worsham
  • Education Director Bruce Marnie
  • Cultural Advisor Roddy Akau
  • Office Manager Diane Amodo
The Foundation's Board of Directors plays an active role in many facets of the organization. MGF's Directors are volunteers and serve on Board committees in various capacities depending on their areas of knowledge. The expertise on the Board comes from attorneys, educators, marketing executives and financial advisors. The Board's committees include but are not limited to long-range planning, development, finance, executive, membership, public relations and marketing.

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