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Ohia Project Lessons

Except for the lessons that accompany the Exploring the Islands distance learning programs, the Ohia Project curriculum is out of print. MGF receives many requests for copies. Due to popular demand, a select few are available to download for FREE. Download time may vary according to your modem speed. You will need Adobe Reader.

The Ohia Project curriculum is copyrighted by MGF and the Bishop Museum. All rights reserved. Lessons available here are for nonprofit, educational and individual use. Please contact MGF for permission if you are using it for any other reason or if you are an organization that would like to use this curriculum.

Grade 1

Finding the Forest, 558k

Aloha, Forest Friends, 576k

"M" is for Malama, 136k

Grade 2

Water Express, 319k

It's Raining It's Pouring, 372k

Waterfall Wizards, 212k

Damsels and Dragons, 239k

Introducing...., 327k

Grade 3

Spotlight on the Marsh, 254k

A Wild Wetland Journey, 178k

Making Marsh Connections, 226k

Opala Bellyaches, 95k

Grade 4 Exploring the Islands

Grade 5

Leaf It Alone!, 197k

An Innocent Introduction, 151k

To Catch a Pig, 305k

Where Have all the Koa Gone?, 256k

Grade 6-8

E Malama Ia Hawaii, 356k

Ecosystem Encounters, 145k

Ecosystem Cards for Ecosystem Encounters, 462k

Design a Preserve, part I, 244k

Design a Preserve, part II, 593k

Ohia Project Water Lessons

Exploring the Islands

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