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The Exploring the Islands Teacher Guide is aligned to DOE HCPS II standards. It is available for $15 in hardcopy, for $10 on CD-ROM. You may download in PDF format FREE. Download times vary according to your internet connection. You will need Adobe Reader.

Tell us what you think about the Teacher Guide! Please fill out an evaluation and send it to MGF. Your opinion counts!

The Exploring the Islands Teacher Guide is copyrighted to MGF and the Bishop Museum. All rights reserved. It is available here for nonprofit educational and individual use. Please contact MGF for permission if you are using it for any other reason or if you are an organization that would like to use this guide.



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From the MGF vault
In the Middle of the Sea, We All Need the Forest, & Flowing to the Sea will air every Tuesday at 9:00am & 9:00pm on Channel 56 beginning
15 January 2008

Ohia Project Water Lessons

a selection of out-of-print lessons

Programs air on:
Monday 10:30am
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Tuesday 10:00am
on Channel 56

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