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Forest Treasures is a CD-ROM that combines over 400 photographs with animal sounds, text, videos, scientists' remarks, and stories to bring the forest to you. It includes lesson plans from the popular Ohia Project curriculum materials and the new Silent Invasion materials. Forest Treasures has four main sections - Hawaiian Forests, Forest Around the World, Storytelling and Taking Action.

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Hawaiian Forests

Pursue a treasure hunt through the layers of life that make up a Hawaiian rainforest. Climb to the canopy where the calls of unusual birds will greet you. Discover the bizarre creatures that dwell in the dark, damp world of the lava tube. And meet the native stream animals that climb rushing waterfalls.

Forests Around the World

Take a spin on the globe and stop off at forests at different latitudes. Become acquainted with the extraordinary plants and animals that live in different types of tropical and temperate forests around the world.


Use the photographs, text, videos, animal sounds and scientists' remarks to create your forest stories in the storytelling section of the program.

Taking Action

Find out how you can become involved in taking action for a healthier environment!

If you have used Forest Treasures, we'd like to hear from you! Send us your feedback via e-mail.

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